What They’re Saying: Medicare Advantage Works for Seniors & People with Disabilities

CMC members have been sending letters to their local newspaper editors to underscore the importance of protecting Medicare Advantage. Here’s what they’re saying…

Coalition for Medicare Choices (CMC) members across the country are telling their stories about Medicare Advantage’s high-quality, affordable health care coverage. Because of Medicare Advantage, seniors and people with disabilities can access comprehensive benefits and services at a price they can afford.

CMC members have been sending letters to their local newspaper editors to underscore the importance of protecting Medicare Advantage. Here’s what they’re saying…

Coalition member and Oregon State Senator Chuck published a piece in the Portland Tribune that focused on the popularity of Medicare Advantage throughout the state, particularly for underserved communities, noting “nearly half of all Oregonians who are Medicare beneficiaries are enrolled in Medicare Advantage programs and Medicare Advantage has a 94% satisfaction rate. Medicare Advantage is important for so many Oregonians because it offers stable, affordable coverage including almost half of low-income and minority beneficiaries and 40% make less than $25,000 a year. In addition, 57% of enrollees are women.” The piece was republished in 22 additional papers across the state.

Writing in Colorado Politics, Coalition member Mike wrote about the affordability of Medicare Advantage. He explained, “Medicare Advantage has allowed seniors to access adaptable plans for minimal costs. I have been able to find health and wellness programs and have groceries delivered during the pandemic, and I have always felt my coverage is stable.

In the SC Times, Coalition member and city councilmember Dave highlighted that Medicare Advantage helps seniors in Minnesota feel sure about their coverage. He said, “for seniors in St. Cloud, I have been especially concerned with the stability and accessibility of health care coverage, given the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on their community in particular. Medicare Advantage has been a crucial part of alleviating those concerns. This program offers dependable and affordable health care coverage to seniors through low premiums and capped out-of-pocket costs.”

Coalition member and chief operating officer of the Senior Planning Center in Maine, Brad, shared with the Sun Journal that “amongst an array of health insurance options, Medicare Advantage stands out as an inclusive, adaptable, and, most importantly, financially feasible option for seniors. The program’s value has only become more evident over the years, as we have grown to serve more than 26,000 seniors across the state of Maine. From dental, vision and hearing aid coverage and Part D prescriptions, to improving access to doctors through telehealth appointments, Medicare Advantage Plans go above and beyond to make seniors feel safe and secure and keep them healthy. It is clear from the many ways Medicare Advantage Plans serve our seniors that the program is a staple when it comes to caring for older Maine residents.”

Coalition member Dona from New York recently wrote in the Times Union about the fitness classes she can access through her coverage, saying, “I love getting to know the people in my classes, many of whom are able to participate because the classes are covered by their Medicare Advantage plans. Without this coverage, they wouldn’t be able to afford to participate. As a Medicare Advantage beneficiary for over 13 years, I know firsthand how many people use the program for dependable, affordable coverage.”

Coalition member Laura wrote in The Daily Gazette about her experience as a medical researcher, and how Medicare Advantage helps her take preventative care measures. She said through her work she “became dedicated to regularly attending preventative screenings. After I retired, however, I was worried that these preventative screenings would be too expensive to continue. Thanks to my Medicare Advantage plan, I am able to continue visiting my doctor because of the limited copays for these services. I am so thankful for Medicare Advantage because it allows seniors, like me, to cover all of our needs at an extremely affordable price.”

Viola, a Coalition member from Texas, discussed the ways that Medicare Advantage works to address the changing needs of the senior community. She said, “the program continues to adapt to meet the current needs of the senior population. During the most challenging months of the pandemic, Medicare Advantage provided beneficiaries with prescription drug and grocery delivery services, allowing seniors to stay healthy while remaining physically safe in the comfort of their homes.” The piece was originally published in the Rio Grande Guardian and was republished in three additional outlets.

In the Las Vegas Sun, Coalition member Ana expressed that Medicare Advantage should be protected, saying “These plans offer additional benefits, and they are very popular among beneficiaries. In fact, among the 27 million Americans enrolled in Medicare Advantage, the large majority are pleased with the program, with 94% saying they are satisfied with their plan. As a Medicare Advantage enrollee myself, I can understand why. Medicare Advantage provides seniors with comprehensive health care coverage, going above and beyond to anticipate and cover the challenges that come with getting older. Importantly, Medicare Advantage provides us with affordable and predictable care. It allows us to visit our preferred, trusted medical providers and offers expanded, specific benefits such as vision, dental and hearing, which are crucial as we age.”

Coalition member Norma wrote in the Reno Gazette Journal about the importance of affordable care, sharing that “living on a fixed income, I worry that I won’t be able to afford quality care because of high premiums or out-of-pocket costs. However, I understand that Medicare Advantage premiums continue to decrease, with the average senior expected to pay just $19 a month in 2022. Along with a cap on out-of-pocket costs, I am relieved that I will be able to afford my medications and doctor visits.”

The stories of our Coalition members are a testament to the many ways Medicare Advantage delivers better services, better access to care, and better value. 27 million seniors and people with disabilities across the country are counting on Congress to protect Medicare Advantage.