Letter: Please Safeguard Medicare Advantage Funding

March 22, 2024

Originally published in the Idaho Press Tribune

As someone who relies on Medicare Advantage, recent talks about cuts to the program have me worried about my future care. And I’m not the only one. Over 186,000 Idahoans depend on this program for health care and could lose coverage if our leaders don’t protect its funding.

With Medicare Advantage, my plan covers telehealth services, so I can talk to my doctor and get care over the phone. This helps me stay on top of my health complications without having to travel far. When I have to go in person, my plan covers transportation to the appointments. On top of all these excellent benefits, I even have the option to get my prescriptions delivered right to my doorstep.

Medicare Advantage has enabled me to receive the medical services that elevate my quality of life. However, if the program loses funding, coverage for seniors across the state could be disrupted. To continue receiving affordable, high-quality health care, lawmakers must safeguard this program and ensure it gets the funding it needs.

Leslie Rivers