Dona Wildove

Dona Wildove lives in Albany, NY and is a strong proponent of MA. She particularly appreciates the access provided through the program to wellness and preventive health benefits such as Silver Sneakers. Two years ago, Dona had surgery, but her bills post-surgery were manageable thanks to her plan. Dona’s joined meetings with her representatives in Congress to help them understand why Medicare Advantage is such an important program to New York seniors.

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  1. Jim Morrison

    Jim Morrison lives in Green Bay, WI. MA has made life easy and provided great customer service, which frees him up to do the things he enjoys to do. Jim is active in his community, serves on several civic boards, and plays guitar in three different bands. MA was also a key part of his wife’s recovery from a severe stroke she had a few years ago, providing coverage for therapy visits, medications, and keeping them active.
  2. Bertha Shinn

    I know firsthand the importance of quality health care that you can afford. That’s what Medicare Advantage offers. I am a cancer survivor and have diabetes also. This means that I have several medications that would be very expensive and hard to manage if it weren’t for my Medicare Advantage.