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3 Things You Should Know About Medicare Advantage

While Medicare Advantage is part of traditional Medicare, Medicare Advantage plans are different – and better! Here are 3 things you should know about Medicare Advantage plans.

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Medicare Advantage Stories

  1. Austin Curry

    "This is my beautiful granddaughter. This is the one that will be married in a couple years. She's asked me, 'Please granddaddy, will you dance with me at my wedding.' I live for this little girl. My Medicare Advantage allows me to live to see the day when we can dance together." See more of Austin's story here.
  2. Paula Ercolini

    I like to make the choices. Medicare Advantage let’s me make the choices on my own, and it just allows peace of mind. I have kidney disease. I’ve even lost a third of my kidney function, but with Medicare Advantage I feel like I’ve maintained some of the control and a significant quality of life.