Mary Louise King

CMC senior Mary Louise King, originally from Charleston, West Virginia, finds joy in dancing and staying active, which she channels into her career as a fitness and dance instructor. Following a challenging period of an ankle injury that hindered her ability to dance and work, Mary found Medicare Advantage, which supported her recovery journey and enabled her to return to her beloved activities. Emphasizing preventive health measures and telehealth services at a low cost, Medicare Advantage has not only improved Mary’s financial stability but also allowed her to save substantially on lifestyle-supporting over-the-counter drugs. Enrolling in Medicare Advantage was driven by Mary’s desire to regain her mobility and continue her work with peace of mind, knowing she has support in case of future incidents. For Mary, the key benefits of Medicare Advantage can be summed up in three words: support, access, and preventive care. Through these, she finds assurance and encouragement to prioritize her health and well-being as Mary gets better with age.

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