Lawmakers must protect and strengthen Medicare Advantage

May 20, 2021

Prescription drug costs continue to be on top of the minds of lawmakers and seniors alike. These drug expenses have skyrocketed in recent years. In fact, a study recently found that between 2000 and 2017, prescription drug spending rose 76 percent.

Over the past few years, my health insurance costs have actually gone down — because I switched to Medicare Advantage. As a senior who relies on prescription drugs and is on a fixed income, affordable prescription drug access is important to me. Medicare Advantage provides me with great prescription drug coverage.

Medicare Advantage doesn’t just reduce my prescription costs. I also receive a stipend of $40 per quarter to use for over-the-counter health care items. This added bonus brings my total out-of-pocket costs down dramatically.

Even though the past year has been challenging for South Carolina seniors, the Medicare Advantage program adapted to the challenges and worked hard to address them. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Medicare Advantage went above and beyond to support me and thousands of other beneficiaries. This program continues to improve, adjusting to my changing needs.

Many seniors in South Carolina rely on this important health care option. As the economy recovers from the COVID-19 crisis, seniors living on a fixed income desperately need to access affordable health care. South Carolina’s delegation in Washington must do what’s right for their constituents to protect and strengthen Medicare Advantage.

Sherri Zedd, Sun City


Originally published in Bluffton Today