Coalition Members Meet with the Office of Representative-elect Anna Paulina Luna

January 24, 2023

Even before Representative-elect Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL-13) had officially been sworn into the 118th U.S. House of Representatives, three members of the Coalition for Medicare Choices (CMC) had the opportunity to meet with her office. They discussed the better services, access to care, and value that Medicare Advantage delivers to seniors and individuals with disabilities.

Mari, a coalition member, shared why Medicare Advantage is important to her.

“I switched to Medicare Advantage where everything is set…so for somebody who has no income, it is much, much easier that way,” she said. “I personally love the [telehealth coverage] because for somebody like me who has a low immune system, keeping me out of a doctor’s office where there’s crowds of sick people – that’s a real advantage for me. I also like the fact that my prescription coverage is part of my plan…Everything’s covered — health, dental, vision.”

She added, “I also have nationwide coverage so I can go anywhere I want to get the treatment that I need. I can go anywhere I need to go and that’s huge for me.”

Coalition advocate Kendra began her remarks by describing the benefits of her veteran father’s Medicare Advantage plan.

“His Medicare Advantage plan has been extremely helpful,” she noted, “especially over the last 10 years since he was diagnosed with lung, nose, and throat cancer.”

Regarding at-home care benefits, she added, “He has been able to get the best care available, and it’s been more affordable because of his Medicare Advantage plan and that really came through during the COVID lockdown timeframe when he didn’t want to go to the hospital.”

Coalition member Ernie explained that Medicare Advantage plans offer a variety of benefits.

“I love the fact that home caregiver support is included because that’s such an important one,” he said. “

He went on to say he personally participates in SilverSneakers and that the program helps him stay healthy and fit.

Representative-elect Luna’s staff member thanked the members for giving him a comprehensive overview of Medicare Advantage.

“I think I’m now pretty familiar with the program,” he said. “I don’t see any reason for Representative-elect Luna not to support it.”

The CMC is grateful to the office of Representative-elect Luna for meeting with our Coalition members.