Coalition Members Meet with the Office of Representative-elect Keith Self

January 24, 2023

Two members of the Coalition for Medicare Choices (CMC) recently met with Representative-elect Keith Self (R-TX-03). They discussed the importance of Medicare Advantage and the better services, access to care, and value it delivers to seniors and people with disabilities.

Coalition member James explained that he has been a Medicare Advantage member for a few years and has appreciated and enjoyed the benefits the program offers. He shared that problems he had experienced with the traditional Medicare program are not an issue with Medicare Advantage, such as seeing his preferred providers.

James asked Representative-elect Self to imagine how difficult it is for rural Texans to get certain physician services they need without programs like Medicare Advantage.

Dr. Koons, a coalition advocate, said he has seen many patients use Medicare Advantage to cover dental costs and thinks that is a unique benefit that should be expanded. He noted that low-cost dental insurance should also be expanded, which would benefit many rural Texans. He closed by thanking Representative-elect Self for his time.

Representative-elect Self thanked the group for meeting with him and said he looks forward to seeing the upcoming Medicare Advantage rate notice. He noted that he would like to learn more about the program and how it can help older Texans.

The CMC is grateful to Representative-elect Self for meeting with our Coalition members.