Letter: A smart choice for medical services

January 20, 2023

Originally published in The Eagle Tribune

To the editor:

As someone who lives outside the major city of Boston, I can tell you that there are many obstacles we face when trying to seek healthcare in the northern suburbs such as Methuen where I live.

One of the largest hassles is a shortage of healthcare professionals, causing a series of issues for patients including longer travel times, out-of-network visits, and higher costs to name a few. For many, these obstacles force older patients to put off care, often leading to declining health.

For me, Medicare Advantage has proven to be a viable solution, with a range of benefits that are geared directly toward people in less populated areas. For starters, they offer telehealth services that offers another layer of options to access quality care without having to go into Boston. Additionally, I have access to virtual wellness programs and fitness classes that I otherwise wouldn’t have had the opportunity to attend.

Enrolling in Medicare Advantage has positioned me to have the highest level of care, no matter where I live. As I continue to age, I can have confidence that instead of being overlooked, I am prioritized.

That means something to me and to my family.

Josephine Glynn