Letter: A thanks to Medicare Advantage

January 13, 2023

Originally published in The Shelbyville News

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, other seniors and I have had our health at the top of minds.

Luckily for me, my Medicare Advantage health coverage plan offers services, such as home delivery of groceries and prescriptions, that make me feel at ease. So not only do I avoid unnecessary risk, I also don’t have to pay as much out of pocket for these services. Medicare Advantage prioritizes preventative care and helps enrollees live and stay healthy.

Another service offered by Medicare Advantage that many of my fellow seniors and I used during the COVID-19 pandemic was telehealth. This allowed me to connect virtually with medical providers and get the care I needed, without a potentially risky hospital visit. Medicare Advantage continues to look for innovative solutions to care, and telehealth is only one such example.

I’m grateful for leadership like yours and encourage you to implement policies and procedures that minimize health issues for people like myself. Please continue to support programs such as Medicare Advantage that are keeping us safe.


Jonnie Willey, Flat Rock