Letter: Congress must support Medicare Advantage

February 3, 2023

Originally published in the La Crosse Tribune

With over 30 million Americans enrolled in Medicare Advantage, it is up to the newly sworn-in Congress to continue supporting this successful program. As someone who’s politically active and enrolled in Medicare Advantage, I can say that this private-public partnership is a shining example of the government working effectively with the free market.

Not only does the program provide better value to both taxpayers and enrollees alike, but it also gives seniors and individuals with disabilities the freedom to choose what health care plan meets their care requirements. Health care plans should not be universal in design since different health situations require different care needs. For my personal needs, the cap on out-of-pocket costs and the full coverage my plan provides makes my life easier and health care more affordable. But others may choose Medicare Advantage because they need in-home caregiver support or transportation benefits, for example.

I’m proud to support a common sense, fiscally responsible program that has tangible results in increasing health care access to seniors and individuals with disabilities across America. I hope to see Congress make a sensible judgment and support Medicare Advantage.

Larry Vangen

La Crosse