Letter: Medicare Advantage betters people’s lives

February 1, 2023

Originally published in the Piscataquis Observer

As a farmer, D.A.R.E instructor, sheriff’s deputy, former state senator and now a state representative, my biggest career takeaway has been how important community-focused programs are. Especially when it comes to health and wellness, our duty to our neighbors and our friends is to care for one another.

We can’t do this alone though and that’s why we must rely on programs and services to deliver real impact to people. Medicare Advantage is one of our most important and effective programs. It is a shining example of the strength a public-private partnership can have in bettering people’s lives and making health care accessible and affordable.

I am thankful every day that we have federal representatives that are representing Maine values through and through, including their continued support of programs like Medicare Advantage.

Rep. Scott Cyrway