Letter: Medicare Advantage is the GOOD Policy Our Seniors Deserve

March 23, 2023

Originally published in Cajun Conservatism

Good policy is a measure that serves the needs of a large group of individuals. Here in Louisiana, nearly 460,000 individuals—over half the state’s Medicare eligible population—join over 30 million people around the country in enjoying Medicare Advantage. With 95% of seniors satisfied with their coverage, Medicare Advantage is the good policy they are looking for to access quality and affordable health care. That is why we at the Louisiana Policy Review are proud supporters of the program.

Medicare Advantage is a health care option for Americans 65 and older who are looking for more options in their health care. Medicare Advantage offers the same coverage as original Medicare, along with a series of additional benefits that provide enrollees with a more comprehensive experience. For many seniors, that includes expanded prescription drug coverage and a cap on out-of-pocket expenses. Benefits also include coverage for vision, dental, and hearing. This allows enrollees to enjoy a well-rounded approach to their health care.

An important aspect of Medicare Advantage plans is preventative care. Seniors enjoy this focus because it keeps them out of the hospital and at home with their families, living life the way that they want. Whether it is a preventative test or screening, Medicare Advantage plans are designed to keep seniors healthy and happy.

For people who live in rural areas, like certain populations in Louisiana, Medicare Advantage has a significant impact on their ability to receive high quality care. By providing choice in health care, Medicare Advantage supports rural health centers. More than 4 million rural Americans receive their health care coverage through Medicare Advantage and enjoy services such as telehealth.

The impact of Medicare Advantage is undeniable. However, in their recent advance rate notice, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) proposed cutting funds for the program. The Biden Administration must do the right thing and reconsider these changes. The health care of our seniors is too important to risk.