Letter: Medicare Advantage works while they figure out the rest

March 15, 2024

Originally published in the Yakima Herald-Republic

To the editor — Medicare Advantage is in the news again, so I decided to speak up.

It seems like Congress is continually debating health care and how to lower costs. I chose an M.A. insurance plan for the additional benefits it provides, beyond traditional Medicare coverage. I use my gym membership, rely on quarterly allowances for over-the-counter drugs and medical supplies, and utilize dental and vision coverage. I have access to medical services without the worry of exorbitant costs because my premium is very reasonable.

As deliberations surround potential cuts and changes to Medicare Advantage, I ask congressional leaders to recognize the importance of preserving and fully funding health care. Countless people rely on help during our retirement years. And Medicare Advantage goes above and beyond in promoting overall health and well-being.

I urge our leaders to prioritize the needs of Medicare Advantage beneficiaries and ensure the continued availability of this invaluable health care option.

Thank you for considering my perspective on this matter.