Letter: Protect Funding of Medicare Advantage

March 1, 2024

Originally published in Cajun Conservatism

Dear Editor,

Enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan empowered me to take charge of my life and prioritize my health and well-being. With this program, I can finally afford the health services that enable me to feel healthy and embrace a fulfilled lifestyle. So, when I heard there could be cuts to the program, I was left speechless.

When I initially retired, I enrolled in a fee-for-service Medicare plan. Unfortunately, I soon realized I couldn’t afford my essential prescription drugs and doctor’s appointments through this health plan. That’s when I decided to try Medicare Advantage, and now I always feel confident that my health care costs will remain within my budget. Under this health plan, I get comprehensive prescription coverage, ensuring I can access all my necessary medications. With this coverage, I know I can always afford the care that supports my daily life, which is extremely comforting. Medicare Advantage also caps my out-of-pocket costs, offering reassurance that no matter what happens down the line, my financial situation won’t stand in the way of my access to essential care.

Despite being a lifeline for many, there could be cuts to the program that might affect our access to care. I urge Louisiana’s leaders to protect the funding of Medicare Advantage so that people like me can continue to receive the quality care we deserve.

Melanie Evans
New Orleans, Louisiana