Letter: RN touts Medicare Advantage for seniors

January 17, 2024

Originally published in Pelican Post News

Dear Editor,

For over 40 years, I dedicated my career to the health care industry, working as a nurse here in Louisiana. So, with decades of experience in the medical field, I knew I needed to prioritize finding a top-notch health plan when I retired a few years back.

That’s why I enrolled in Medicare Advantage.

With Medicare Advantage’s large local provider network, I landed on excellent doctors who help me manage my diabetes – a condition that affects my daily life. And with my plan’s prescription drug coverage, I can access insulin and other medications that keep my diabetes at bay, so I don’t have to stress about any flare-ups. Plus, the program’s extensive list of supplemental benefits includes coverage of fitness programs, encouraging me to stay active in retirement.

Beyond the high-quality care, Medicare Advantage’s affordability gives me the financial security I need to be focused on staying healthy rather than stressing over costs. And it’s reassuring that if any medical complications arise down the road, my financial situation won’t stand in the way of me seeking care.

Whether I want to enjoy Louisiana’s vibrant music scene or delicious foods, this program enables me to access the care I need to enjoy everything life has to offer. I wholeheartedly recommend Medicare Advantage to anyone in their senior years looking for an affordable and comprehensive health care plan.


Lu Jones, RN