Letter: Rural access to healthcare has never been simpler than with Medicare Advantage

March 15, 2023

Originally published in the River

With Medicare Advantage, I know that I get quality care and peace of mind. Not only do I have affordable premiums that  protect my hard-working dollars, but I also have access to benefits and
programs that give me the services I need from the comfort of my ranch.

With Medicare Advantage, I have more assurance that I am enrolling in a responsible and quality program. I am 1 of 30 million Americans who pays an average monthly premium of just $18.

I have access to dental, vision, and hearing, but I also can take advantage of a wide range of telehealth services. Medicare Advantage has numerous plans available for rural Americans, like me, that deliver the care I need without having to drive hundreds of miles for the nearest provider.

Medicare Advantage is a step in the right direction for affordable and quality healthcare. Lawmakers should continue to protect a program that delivers for Montana seniors and all around our great nation.

Rich Jespersen
Big Sandy