Letter: Silver Sneakers worth its weight in gold

February 6, 2023

Originally published in the Portland Press Herald

Health care is about more than medicine and doctors’ appointments. Following daily routines, getting out in the community and having people to converse with all lead to better health outcomes.

I’m able to accomplish all of these things because of my involvement with Silver Sneakers, an exercise class at Saint Joseph’s College in Standish. It’s not only about exercise – they build community there. Going to Silver Sneakers has a positive impact on my mental and physical health, resulting in better overall health outcomes.

Exercise is of paramount importance for older Americans; it prevents injury, keeps your immune system up and improves mental health. Sometimes it’s hard to have the energy or the desire to work out by yourself. However, the community feel of Silver Sneakers makes me excited to get my heart rate up through a good workout – and we meet over Zoom when it’s too cold.

I’m able to attend because of my health care plan through Medicare Advantage. I hope we continue to support programs such as Medicare Advantage so I, and many other seniors, can continue to enjoy benefits such as Silver Sneakers, which I’m very, very happy with.

Carol Paradis