Letter: Something good that Congress has done

May 17, 2022

Originally published in the The Times and Beaverton Valley Times

It’s not often that we the public take time to express our gratitude to our members of Congress when they continue their support for a cost-effective and needed program like Medicare Advantage that millions of seniors like me depend on for their healthcare.

Although I personally enjoy good health today and take care of myself by staying active through regular yoga practice and walking, I have access to testing and services that allow me to stay ahead of any health issues before they become serious. Medicare Advantage encourages me to keep an active lifestyle as prevention against health problems that come with sedentary living. I appreciate the reminder.

Medicare Advantage offers added benefits at an affordable price to traditional Medicare like coverage for dental, hearing, vision and mental health services. Most every senior could use help with at least one of these services.

So, a sincere thank you to Sen. Ron Wyden and Sen. Jeff Merkley and all Oregon’s members of Congress who supported this program’s renewal. It gives me peace of mind knowing it’s there when I need it.

Nancy Murray, Southwest Portland