Letter: Thankful for Medicare Advantage

March 18, 2022

Originally published in The Ellsworth American

Dear Editor:

I’ve always been active, but as I’ve aged, I worried that I would need to let go of the physical activities that I had kept up for so long. Fortunately, my Medicare Advantage plan connects me with various exercise and wellness programs that allow me to continue staying active, even if it’s at a slightly slower pace than before.

At my local community center, I’ve been able to join Silver Sneakers, an exercise program put on daily for seniors that gets us up and moving. I have a lot of fun utilizing the facilities. Not only do they help me stay active, but they offer a nice opportunity to connect with other seniors in my community. Medicare Advantage is really a great program for aiding older individuals in putting their health care needs first and keeping up good habits that help all of us to avoid illness in the first place.

I’d like to thank Sen. King and Sen. Collins for their continued support of Medicare Advantage. Older Mainers are grateful for their dedication to senior health and promotion of quality health-care coverage.

Ben Twitchell