Letter: There’s a Reason 27 Million Seniors Choose Medicare Advantage

Originally published in The Sentinel

Dear Editor:

There is a reason why 27 million seniors across the country choose to enroll in Medicare Advantage plans.

There is no other plan available that provides high-quality health care at such an affordable price. Through Medicare Advantage, seniors can access an array of benefits including telehealth services, integrated vision, dental and hearing benefits, wellness programs, and in-home caregiver support.

And the best part is that these resources are made available to Medicare Advantage beneficiaries at a low price. With low premiums and capped out-of-pocket costs, the Medicare Advantage program is unlike any other health care program dedicated to bettering seniors’ health.

With all of the incredible benefits that Medicare Advantage provides, I hope that Senators Casey and Toomey will continue to advocate for our community and ensure the Medicare Advantage has the support in Congress that it deserves.

Deborah Shelley

Lower Allen Township