Letter: We must focus on the programs that garner bipartisan support

March 20, 2023

Originally published in Life on Capitol Hill

I’ve been around a long time, but the last couple of years of politics has drained me. I’ve grown tired of the constant fighting, bickering and general feeling of resentment. While politics has never been happy-go-lucky, when I was young it seemed like politicians got things done. I am hoping that over the next few years something will change, and we can get back to working together to make our lives and our country better.

Until then, I think it’s important we focus on the programs and services that garner bipartisan support. One of those programs that has wide bipartisan support, both at the federal and state level, is Medicare Advantage. Providing high-quality, affordable health care to seniors and people with disabilities should not be a controversial topic, and I’m glad our legislators seem to agree.

The reason for this bipartisan support is that Medicare Advantage has proven itself to be an effective program, accomplishing its purpose of providing top-quality health care to some of our most vulnerable Americans, while also being a fiscally responsible program.

I encourage our federal and state representatives to support bipartisan policy, starting with Medicare Advantage.


Pauline Pfundstein,