Letter: With Medicare Advantage, Colorado Seniors Get a Healthier Lifestyle

September 25, 2023

Originally published in the Mile High Sentinel

Bev Bishop

For retirees like me, Colorado offers a great place for our “golden years.” With easy access to nature, many opportunities for physical activity, and a strong sense of community, Colorado offers a welcoming environment for seniors to help us build happy and healthy lives in our later years.

When we get older, seniors become very well acquainted with new aches and pains that lead to doctors’ appointments and, ultimately, new medications, treatments, and daily routines. As we transition into our next stage of life, leaving our careers behind us, it’s so important for seniors to have access to the care we need and programs to help us afford it. This is where quality, affordable health care coverage like Medicare Advantage comes into play. It makes solving complicated health issues simpler.

This comprehensive and affordable program is available to seniors in Colorado because it’s supported by elected officials who make sure to prioritize our health care needs. When we decide to retire and embark on our next chapter, we’re met with the serious questions of where to find our health coverage and how to afford it. That’s why it’s so critical that our elected officials, like Senator Hickenlooper, continue standing up for senior-focused health care programs like Medicare Advantage. Earlier this year, the Senator demonstrated himself as a strong advocate for senior health options by signing onto a bipartisan support letter urging the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to protect Medicare Advantage.

While there are countless reasons to choose Medicare Advantage, I’d have to say one of my favorite features is the emphasis on preventative care. Getting ahead of symptoms before anything becomes urgent is so important in preserving long-term health. With reminders for vaccines and regular screenings, Medicare Advantage puts your health care team right at your fingertips, making it easy for seniors to manage and afford their care.

In addition to your traditional health care expenses, Medicare Advantage provides resources that contribute to your holistic well-being. In keeping with the Coloradan spirit, one great benefit of my plan helps cover gym memberships and even some wellness classes. These opportunities are essential for seniors so we can have access to activities that support both our physical and mental health. Plus, it’s nice to have a sense of community as you get older.

There are many options out there for senior health care coverage. I’ve done my homework, and I know that Medicare Advantage is right for me. But don’t just take my word for it. Across the country, over 31 million Americans have also chosen to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan, including nearly 475,000 in Colorado.

The program is vital for the well-being of seniors, and it’s so important to see support from our elected officials. Once again, Senator Hickenlooper has proven himself as a dependable advocate for seniors in Colorado, and I want to thank the Senator for standing behind us and supporting Medicare Advantage so all of Colorado’s seniors can get the care they need.