Medicare Advantage Now Serves Nearly 26 Million Americans

January 24, 2021

Every year Medicare Advantage enrollment increases as more Americans 65+ and the most vulnerable Americans with disabilities choose the better services, better access to care, and better value that the program delivers. Today, 25.9 million Americans choose Medicare Advantage. 

This major milestone reflects the strong popularity and satisfaction around Medicare AdvantageIn fact, 93% of Americans 65+ on Medicare Advantage reported that they are satisfied with their health care coverage 

In honor of Medicare Advantage surpassing 25 million members, we’re spotlighting 3 reasons why more Americans choose Medicare Advantage: 

Medicare Advantage is Affordable 

40% of Medicare Advantage enrollees make less than $25,000 per year. Many of these individuals might not be able to afford the out-of-pocket costs of traditional Medicare. Medicare Advantage plans deliver essential, affordable coverage by capping out-of-pocket costs and offering additional benefits — like integrated vision, hearing, dental, prescription drug coverage, wellness programs, in-home caregiver support, and innovative telehealth options — at no additional cost. For our Coalition member Tammy Kennedy, Medicare Advantage keeps her healthy and happy by covering essential services.

Medicare Advantage Provides Peace of Mind 

During the COVID-19 crisis, having access to stable, affordable health care has been more important than ever. Medicare Advantage plans have taken decisive action to  ensure Americans 65+ and the most vulnerable Americans with disabilities had access to necessary services, including eliminating patient cost-sharing for diagnostic testing for COVID-19, waiving patient cost-sharing for COVID-19 treatment  and vaccination, waiving costs to access primary care and telehealth services, and offering expanded benefits such as mental health services. Our Coalition member Alyson Ball was able to maintain peace of mind during this critical time thanks to her Medicare Advantage coverage. 

Medicare Advantage Delivers Additional Services to Help Members Stay Healthy 

Medicare Advantage delivers essential heath care services that Americans can rely on when they need it most. Research shows that Medicare Advantage plans are better at identifying and treating chronic disease early, which keeps Americans 65+ and the most vulnerable Americans with disabilities healthy and prevents unnecessary trips to the hospital. In order to keep members healthy, Medicare Advantage plans offer additional services such as expanded access to telehealth services, companion care and other resources to help members avoid loneliness during the COVID-19 crisis, transportation to and from health care appointments, home delivery of essential supplies including prescription drugs and groceries, and access to wellness programs 

Our Coalition member Angela Harris received reliable transportation to and from vital health care appointments through her Medicare Advantage plan, enabling her to stay happy and healthy.  

Medicare Advantage provides stable and affordable health care coverage, peace of mind, and additional services that allow Americans 65+ and the most vulnerable Americans with disabilities to stay healthy. That’s why nearly 26 million people choose Medicare Advantage.