What They’re Saying: Protect Medicare Advantage

March 25, 2024

There are more than 33 million reasons to protect Medicare Advantage. The combination of better care with lower out-of-pocket costs is why Medicare Advantage is such a valued choice for diverse and low-income beneficiaries, as well as a growing number of seniors and people with disabilities in rural communities.

Articles published across the nation highlight the value and affordability of Medicare Advantage and the need for policymakers to protect the program. Here is what they’re saying:

Georgia state Representative, Doreen Carter, (D-District 93), shared her support for Medicare Advantage and the importance of community health needs for her constituents to Rough Draft Atlanta. “I’m deeply invested in the health and wellbeing of my constituents, and I see how Medicare Advantages improves the lives of so many seniors in our communities every day. I hope Medicare Advantage continues to get the full support and funding it needs and deserves from our officials in Washington to ensure the program’s stability for over 1 million Georgians who rely on it.”

Idaho senior Leslie Rivers shared her experience with Medicare Advantage’s telehealth capabilities in the Idaho Press Tribune, “With Medicare Advantage, my plan covers telehealth services, so I can talk to my doctor and get care over the phone. This helps me stay on top of my health complications without having to travel far.” Leslie continued, “When I have to go in person, my plan covers transportation to the appointments. On top of all these excellent benefits, I even have the option to get my prescriptions delivered right to my doorstep.” Continuing, Leslie stated, “Medicare Advantage has enabled me to receive the medical services that elevate my quality of life. However, if the program loses funding, coverage for seniors across the state could be disrupted. To continue receiving affordable, high-quality health care, lawmakers must safeguard this program and ensure it gets the funding it needs.”

Diane Smith, from Nevada, highlighted the affordability of Medicare Advantage with the Nevada Globe, “As both a senior and cancer survivor, Medicare Advantage is proving to be an asset through this recent health care journey. It’s no secret that treatment for a serious illness or condition can be incredibly expensive. However, plans through the program offer some of the highest quality care on the market at an affordable price that doesn’t add any more financial stress to your plate.” Diane concluded, “Whether you’re dealing with cancer treatment like me or any other unanticipated health issues, Medicare Advantage is an essential resource for us seniors. With comprehensive plans at a price we can afford, [Medicare Advantage is] a safety net that helps us stay on top of our health.”

Georgia State Representative Inga Willis (D-District 55) spoke with James Magazine Online, highlighting the high-quality care Medicare Advantage brings for seniors “As we navigate the complexities of health care policy, it is imperative that our leaders in Washington work to fully fund programs like Medicare Advantage to ensure it remains a dependable and accessible health care option for our senior population. It is my hope that our seniors can thrive in their golden years, with the necessary healthcare resources to give them comfort and peace,” she said.

Caregiver Cheryl Malone from New York shared her experiences working with those on Medicare Advantage plans with Caribbean Life. “The coverage they receive from Medicare Advantage is truly comprehensive. In addition to a large network of providers and coordinated care to manage all their health needs, they receive supplemental benefits like vision, dental, and hearing, prescription drug coverage, and wellness programs.” She continued, “This takes a holistic approach to health care, and seniors are happier and healthier because of it. When health complications occur, seniors have financial peace of mind knowing that out-of-pocket expenses are capped, making necessary care affordable.” Cheryl concluded by stating, “With proposed changes to the program, including cuts, I want to remind our leaders of just how crucial Medicare Advantage is for many seniors in Brooklyn and across the state.”

Medicare Advantage delivers better services, better access to care, and better value to more than 33 million seniors and people with disabilities.