Medicare Advantage Plans should be strengthened

Dear Decaturish,

For over a five year period, my husband suffered from a serious sinus condition resulting in him developing uncontrolled asthma. After going to numerous doctors in the Atlanta area, we were referred to a clinic in Denver, Colorado to provide a complete analysis of what was really going on. After six full days of intense testing and one outpatient surgery, we came home to receive a clinic bill that was 100% paid for via his Medicare Advantage plan. The clinic was in network!

Once we came home my husband needed another in-hospital surgery. Caring for a loved one in the hospital can be exhausting and often does not allow for much else, like grocery shopping. Once he was released from the hospital, I was happily surprised when I found out that Medicare Advantage covered groceries and their delivery, allowing me to focus on my husband’s recovery.

My husband’s surgery and out-of-state clinic visit are just one example of ways our Medicare Advantage program has taken care of us since we enrolled seven years ago. And we are still learning about new benefits that are accessible to us. I also use our program benefits for fitness and wellness classes I take advantage of for free.

My husband and I couldn’t be more pleased with Medicare Advantage. Our legislators should be doing all that they can in Washington to ensure that this important program is strengthened.

Thank you,

Charlene Love


Originally published in the Decaturish