Rep. Scott Peters

Coalition members Matt and Barbara Serritella met with Rep. Scott Peters of California to thank him for standing up for the millions of seniors who depend on Medicare Advantage.

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  1. Clarence Richmond

    "My wife and I have been enrolled in Medicare Advantage for 4 years. Unfortunately, every year we have to change our policy or provider due to changes in the program. These are plans we were happy with and wished to keep Medicare Advantage is popular for a reason. But Washington is continues to change the rules and financial support. As a result, we don't know what to budget for. With more seniors selecting these plans, the cuts to Medicare Advantage simply don't make sense."
  2. Austin Curry

    "This is my beautiful granddaughter. This is the one that will be married in a couple years. She's asked me, 'Please granddaddy, will you dance with me at my wedding.' I live for this little girl. My Medicare Advantage allows me to live to see the day when we can dance together." See more of Austin's story here.