Charlene and Henry Herbert Love III

CMC seniors Charlene and Henry Herbert Love III, who reside in Stone Mountain, Georgia, find enjoyment in traveling together, with Henry being an avid NASCAR fan, and Charlene indulging in scrapbooking as a hobby. Henry, a former business owner of 25 years, and Charlene, a corporate trainer and project manager, both share their experiences with Medicare Advantage, which have significantly improved their health and financial stability over the past  ten years. For Henry, Medicare Advantage has provided financial relief by covering or significantly reducing costs for prescriptions, doctor visits, after-care support from multiple surgeries, and prompt delivery of medical equipment. Charlene appreciates the ease of managing hereditary health conditions through in-home wellness visits. Together, they value the affordability, coverage, and collaborative care provided by Medicare Advantage, allowing them to age gracefully with confidence in addressing any medical issues and continue their passion for travel, both domestically and internationally.