Sandy Smith and Margaret Barnett

CMC seniors Sandy Smith and Margaret Barnett, sisters from Kokomo, Indiana, find joy in shopping, dancing, and sharing a love for music. Sandy’s career as a Joint Program Liaison for a health care group involved facilitating workshops and coordinating community outreach efforts, while Margaret retired as a manager from Ameritech after 35 years. Sandy, who has three grandchildren, cherishes spending time with them, while Margaret considers her nieces and nephews as such. Both sisters credit Medicare Advantage for improving their health and financial stability. For Sandy, Medicare Advantage has made it affordable to manage her chronic conditions with maintenance prescriptions, alleviating financial stress and ensuring she doesn’t have to choose between medication and necessities. Margaret appreciates the program’s reminders for regular doctor visits, the flexibility to see any specialist without approval, and the convenience of having her husband’s prescriptions delivered at a reduced expense or no cost at all.