What They’re Saying: Medicare Advantage Works for Seniors & People with Disabilities

January 30, 2023

Coalition for Medicare Choices (CMC) members across the country are telling their stories about the high-quality, affordable health care coverage Medicare Advantage delivers. Because of Medicare Advantage, seniors and people with disabilities can access comprehensive benefits and services at a price they can afford.

CMC members and advocates have published opinion pieces in media outlets across the nation to share their stories about the value and importance of Medicare Advantage. Here’s what they’re saying:

Noting the affordability of the program, CMC advocate Stephen said in The Ironton Tribune, “With my Medicare Advantage plan, I have access to all the care, services and benefits I need to stay healthy.”

Kevin, Butler County Commissioner and Coalition member, spoke about the importance of accessible and affordable health care coverage in the Butler Eagle, “Medicare Advantage is a tremendous option for those who live on a fixed income and are stressed about keeping out-of-pocket costs at a minimum.”

In The Oregonian, Coalition member Mark wrote, “One feature that has become very valuable to me during the pandemic is telehealth. Instead of a long wait in an emergency room or urgent care that exposes me to airborne viruses, I can go to a computer and talk to a professional about my symptoms and get an educated opinion on my next steps. I believe this not only helps me but helps ease the burden on staff at hospitals and clinics.”

Coalition member Steven wrote in the Leader Times about the importance of keeping active for older people, noting that “Older folks can’t bounce back as quickly as younger people from injuries or illness, which is why Medicare Advantage prioritizes preventative services for their enrollees. The benefits Medicare Advantage offers keep enrollees healthy and happy. Medicare Advantage realizes physical activity and community engagement are key ingredients in well-rounded health, so they offer club memberships and exercise classes.”

Judith, a Coalition member, said in Blue NC, “As I continue into my senior years, I realize how important it is to center health and wellness in my day-to-day life. I feel so lucky to have amazing benefits and security with my Medicare Advantage plan that help me stay healthy.”

In the Portland Tribune, CMC advocate Ray praised SilverSneakers, “This program provides a range of in-person fitness classes, on-demand videos, access to thousands of gyms, and live online workout sessions, which build community and physical health at the same time. In other words, it gives older Americans a chance to get out, have fun, do something they enjoy, and keep their mind and body active.”

Cheryl Elias, executive director of the U.S. Rural Health Network, wrote in the Florida Daily, “We are constantly working towards and looking for ways to ease the struggle some face in seeking suitable health care in these communities. We want the best for everyone’s health — no one should feel that their health is at risk. That is why I support Medicare Advantage, because of their accessible, expansive, and affordable coverage for their enrollees.”

Frank, a Coalition member, wrote in The Grand Rapids Business Journal, “The challenges of being in control of your health and finances after retirement can be scary. Like most seniors here in Michigan, I want every assurance I can get to make sure I can live an independent, productive and healthy life. Fortunately, my Medicare Advantage coverage has given me that peace of mind.”

CMC advocate Ed shared in the Florida Daily that, “Many seniors rely on their insurance and preventive care to stay healthy and productive. One important tool for millions of seniors across America is Medicare Advantage, which provides affordable coverage with additional benefits that original Medicare doesn’t cover.”

Coalition members’ stories are a testament to the many ways Medicare Advantage delivers better services, better access to care, and better value to more than 30 million Americans.