What They’re Saying: Medicare Advantage Works for Seniors & People with Disabilities

February 16, 2023

Coalition for Medicare Choices (CMC) members across the country are telling their stories about the high-quality, affordable health care coverage Medicare Advantage delivers. Because of Medicare Advantage, enrollees can access comprehensive benefits and services at a price they can afford. The Administration released its advance rate notice for Medicare Advantage, and the proposed changes in the release could result in billions of dollars in cuts to the program, which will increase costs and reduce benefits for seniors and people with disabilities.

CMC members have published opinion pieces in media outlets across the nation and shared their stories about the value and importance of Medicare Advantage. Here’s what they’re saying:

Coalition member Josephine wrote to the Eagle Tribune detailing how Medicare Advantage increases access to health care in rural communities. She wrote, “Enrolling in Medicare Advantage has positioned me to have the highest level of care, no matter where I live. As I continue to age, I can have confidence that, instead of being overlooked, I am prioritized.”

CMC member Freda said in the San Tan Valley, “January is a time when people resolve to be the healthiest version of themselves. That’s possible for Medicare Advantage seniors, like me, who have access to a full range of wellness services like fitness programs, nutrition planning, mental health resources, and more.”

In Cajun Conservatism, Coalition member Lu wrote about her process enrolling in the program saying, “Right off the bat, I was impressed with the attention my Medicare Advantage provider showed while I was enrolling in the program. They were genuinely concerned with my wants, and they had a commitment to meeting my personal and medical needs.”

CMC member Charlotte wrote to the Stanley Republican, “With my Medicare Advantage plan, I never stress about having access to the specialists or preventative care I need. Through benefits like prescription drug coverage, free preventative care, and a large network of doctors near where I live, having access to quality care has never been easier.”

In Central Jersey, Coalition member Celia wrote, “When I talk to friends who are eligible for Medicare Advantage, I always recommend the program because the plans can be tailored to fit specific health needs – while keeping premiums at a minimum. Most people can’t believe it when I say average premiums are less than $20 per month.”

CMC member Carroll spoke about her appreciation for her SilverSneakers classes in the Summerville Journal Scene, saying, “This age-appropriate fitness class, a benefit of my Medicare Advantage plan, offers a one-hour class several times a week as a way to stretch and work our bodies and help us combat the normal changes that come about with aging. A certified instructor leads us through various exercises using weights, bands, and balls. An added benefit is that I’ve made many new friends.”

In the Hometown Source, Coalition member Mary shared her experience as a cancer survivor, writing, “I am beyond thankful for my Medicare Advantage coverage as it delivers comprehensive, affordable and high-quality care. Whether I’m getting a yearly mammogram, MRIs, or other preventative screenings, I never worry that the care I need is covered and economical.”

Coalition member Marsha wrote in The Times Post about why transportation benefits are important. “For older Americans who can’t drive anymore and don’t have family around to take them to their appointments, they must rely on other means of transportation,” Marsha shared.

Ryan, another Coalition member, detailed the benefits of SilverSneakers in the Gainesville Times, “These programs incorporate change of direction, which are fall preventative. They incorporate power chain moves and hip mobility, which assist in getting up and down in a chair without the use of the arms and upper body movement.”

CMC member James spoke about his experience learning to live with a permanent disability in the Portland Tribune, saying, “As a result of this permanent disability, I found myself as the rare 32 year old eligible for Medicare. I’ve always been a self-reliant person and while I had to overcome some setbacks, I’m proud that I have been able to return to my career.”

In The Cap Times, CMC member Arlene talked about the financial security Medicare Advantage offers, writing, “As a senior and veteran on Medicare Advantage, I know firsthand why the program has so much support from lawmakers and seniors alike. Medicare Advantage provides quality, affordable coverage and is doing an outstanding job of protecting the health of seniors and those with disabilities.”

Coalition members’ stories are a testament to the many ways Medicare Advantage delivers better services, better access to care, and better value to more than 30 million Americans.