What They’re Saying: Thank You for Your Support of Medicare Advantage

September 18, 2023

More than 31 million Americans rely on Medicare Advantage for better services, better access to care, and better value. 94% of senior voters are satisfied with their Medicare Advantage, and 93% would recommend the program to a friend or family member.

CMC members have published opinion pieces in media outlets across the nation and shared their stories on social media to thank senators who signed a bipartisan letter — for their support during the 2023 rate notice period. Here’s what they are saying:

CMC member and president of the West Virginia Association of Retired School Employees, Charmel Radcliff, applauded Sen. Moore Capito (R-WV) for leading a bipartisan effort of support for Medicare Advantage in an opinion piece for The Exponent Telegram. “When our leaders in D.C. accomplish something bipartisan that helps people, it is worth talking about…Thank you, senator, for your focus on protecting seniors like me.” In an additional opinion piece for Lootpress, Radcliff also shared praises for Sen. Manchin (D-WV) for “doing what is right for his constituents” by signing onto the “bipartisan support letter with 60 other senators.”

In Arizona, Coalition member Jerry Long thanked Sens. Kelly (D-AZ) and Sinema (I-AZ) in an opinion piece published in the Arizona Daily Independent News, where he praised the senators for joininga bipartisan group of senators in signing a letter of support for Medicare Advantage.” He thanked them both for their leadership in protecting Medicare Advantage” and concluded that Arizonans are “lucky” to have the senators watching out for them.

Lu Jones, a retired registered nurse, and Coalition member in Louisiana, wrote an opinion piece in the Webster Parish Journal, thanking Sen. Cassidy (R-LA) for standing up for Medicare Advantage, by signing onto a bipartisan letter with 60 of his Senate colleagues in support of the program.” Lu went on to say that Sen. Cassidy’s support has gone a long way in making health care accessible and affordable for Louisiana’s seniors, with over 458,000 enrolled in Medicare Advantage here in the Bayou State.”

CMC member and Arizona State representative Jennifer Longdon posted on Twitter to thank Sen. Kelly (D-AZ) for his support of Medicare Advantage, stating that “as a former enrollee, I know the life-changing difference this program makes every day.”

CMC advocate and Maine state Representative Josh Morris posted on Twitter noting that over 180,000 Mainers enjoy great healthcare through #MedicareAdvantage” and thanked the senator for supporting Maine’s seniors.

The Latin Chamber of Nevada posted on Twitter  to voice their appreciation of Sen. Rosen’s (D-NV) support of Medicare Advantage, saying for seniors living on a fixed income, the consistently low healthcare costs under #MedicareAdvantage can be incredibly reassuring.” Additionally, the Boulder City Chamber of Commerce shared a post on Facebook, applauding Sens. Rosen (D-NV) and Cortez Masto (D-NV) for “helping seniors access affordable healthcare options with Medicare Advantage.”

Granite State Independent Living posted on Facebook, thanking Sens. Shaheen (D-NH) and Hassan (D-NH) for their support of Medicare Advantage. Our most vulnerable have access to affordable and reliable health care options.”

Jim Mildren, CMC senior, presented a certificate to Sen. Peters (D-MI) on August 13, thanking him for his efforts in leading the bipartisan support letter for Medicare Advantage and being a long-time supporter of the program and the Michigan seniors who rely on it for health care.

CMC seniors presented a certificate to Sen. Peters (D-MI) August 13.

Coalition members are grateful for the leadership and support shown by our nation’s lawmakers toward Medicare Advantage. The stories of continued support shared by Coalition members are a testament to the many ways Medicare Advantage delivers better services, better access to care, and better value to more than 31 million Americans.