What They’re Saying: The Value of Medicare Advantage

May 4, 2023

Across the nation, Coalition for Medicare Choices (CMC) members and advocates are speaking out about the value of Medicare Advantage. These individuals and organizations can attest that Medicare Advantage provides high-quality, affordable health care to more than 30 million seniors and individuals with disabilities. Here’s what they are saying:

CMC member and former member of the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, Marie Valenzuela, wrote an opinion piece in the Mile High Sentinel, sharing the importance of care coordination for Medicare Advantage enrollees. She said, “Another part of Medicare Advantage that is favorable for its enrollees is its coordinated care structure. People with disabilities or health conditions often have many providers treating different aspects of their health. Medicare Advantage manages all the necessary communication and care, so enrollees never have to worry if their doctor has the most updated information.”

Denise Richard, CMC member, wrote to the Thousand Oaks Acorn about how Medicare Advantage allows her to maintain good health and stay connected to the community, saying, “I value my health, and I’m grateful for the program’s regular checkups, screenings and wellness opportunities that encourage community engagement.”

CMC member Vicki Ernst wrote a letter in the Chanhassen Villager to share how her Medicare Advantage plan provides the preventive care she needs to stay healthy and active. “I can protect my long-term health by actively seeking preventative measures like cancer screenings and blood tests, and at the same time, I am encouraged to stay fit with my covered gym membership.”

CMC member and cancer survivor Dorothy McClure wrote to Colorado Newsline to discuss the importance of Medicare Advantage in her life. “For seniors like me who live on a fixed income, this is life-changing coverage — and I could not be thankful enough to tell my story. Medicare Advantage is a great example of a private-public partnership that delivers seniors and people with disabilities quality, affordable care.”

CMC member Mary Labrecque wrote a letter to the Ellsworth American talking about how her Medicare Advantage is so much more than just health coverage. “It seems surprising that someone can find a community because of their health care plan, but that is exactly what Medicare Advantage offers (me).”

CMC member and Government Affairs Chair of the Las Vegas Asian Chamber of Commerce Ana Wood wrote to the Las Vegas Sun discussing the importance of Medicare Advantage to underserved communities. “The population Medicare Advantage serves is key to its impact. Serving a majority of low-income enrollees and communities that have been historically underserved, the program is bridging the gap of health disparities existing in our country.”

Individuals nationwide are making it clear that Medicare Advantage delivers better services, better access to care, and better value to more than 30 million Americans.