Coalition Members Meet Virtually with Representative Panetta

Eight members of the Coalition for Medicare Choices (CMC) recently participated in a virtual meeting with Representative Jimmy Panetta (D-CA-20) to share how Medicare Advantage provides better services, better access to care, and better value to seniors and individuals with disabilities.

Coalition member Mark shared his story as a survivor of prostate cancer. He said signing up for Medicare Advantage was a no-brainer and has been crucial in helping him cope with cancer. He commented that the Medicare system can be complicated to navigate but signing up for Medicare Advantage made everything easier. He noted the low premiums and the cap on out-of-pocket costs as important benefits to him.

Maureen, a Medicare Advantage advocate, cared for her mother who was a Medicare Advantage member. Her mom had been on original Medicare, but when she switched to Medicare Advantage Maureen explained that it became much easier to coordinate her care, move from one appointment to another, and afford the treatments she needed.

Glenn shared that he was the primary caregiver for his mother who suffered from Alzheimer’s and had a heart valve replacement. He said that his mother’s Alzheimer’s progressed quickly and required frequent doctor visits, which were made much easier with Medicare Advantage. His mother’s plan also made hospitalization affordable.

Bonnielee, another Coalition member, is a caregiver for seniors and believes that Medicare Advantage makes a huge difference for the people she takes care of. Bonnielee shared that her clients who are on Medicare Advantage tend to receive a higher quality of care, noting that Medicare Advantage makes a big difference in people’s health.

Coalition members Eric and Joe explained that Eric is diabetic, and his partner Joe is his primary caregiver. Eric faces considerable health issues, including being an amputee, but Medicare Advantage allows him to access the care he needs at an affordable price. Without Medicare Advantage, Eric says he wouldn’t be able to be healthy and see his grandchildren.

Coalition member Monte discussed the high-quality coverage that both he and his father receive through Medicare Advantage. Monte shared his appreciation for Medicare Advantage coverage, especially when caring for his father after a stroke. The transportation benefits and cap on out-of-pocket costs were particularly helpful, Monte explained.

Nancy, another Coalition member, has been a caregiver for seniors for 15 years. Nancy explained that her clients who are enrolled in Medicare Advantage tend to have much better health than those who are not, and she encourages all the patients she works with to enroll in the program because of its affordability and extensive benefits.

Representative Panetta said, “These kinds of calls are very helpful and prove that I was right to sign the MA [Medicare Advantage] support letter. You can tell that MA is a bipartisan issue due to the number of Congressional seniors on the letter.”

The CMC is grateful to Representative Panetta for meeting with our Coalition members and for his continued support of Medicare Advantage.