Coalition Members Meet Virtually with the Office of Senator Mark Kelly

Arizona members of the Coalition for Medicare Choices (CMC) recently met with the office of Senator Mark Kelly to discuss how Medicare Advantage provides them with high-quality, affordable care.

Coalition member Kay opened the meeting by discussing some benefits of Medicare Advantage, including a fitness program through which she can swim seven days a week. Kay said that she relied heavily on her Medicare Advantage plan when she needed 5 surgical procedures. Her share of the cost was under $100 because of her Medicare Advantage coverage. She said “I would not have been able to get the procedures without Medicare Advantage. I like my Advantage plan and I want to keep it.”

Jon, another Coalition member, echoed Kay’s support of the program. At 79 years old, Jon is dependent on his Social Security checks and can’t afford expensive out-of-pocket costs. In 2019, Jon suffered almost total hearing loss. Because of his Medicare Advantage coverage, Jon was able to obtain cochlear implant surgery to restore his hearing. What would otherwise have been a $150,000 procedure cost him just $225. He said, “Without my implants, life as I knew it would’ve been over. I would’ve had to sell my house for my implants.” Jon told the group that “Medicare Advantage allows me to have a great quality life in my golden years.”

Coalition member Anita helps fellow seniors choose the best health care option for them. Anita appreciates the flexibility and all-in-one aspect of Medicare Advantage. She noted that the prescription drug coverage is valuable for seniors like herself who would otherwise face steep costs. “It’s such a relief to have affordable and comprehensive care that keeps me safe,” Anita explained, “Medicare Advantage an integral part of the senior community. Every senior has a different set of needs. Many can find the right plan for them thanks to Medicare Advantage.”

Vicki shared her satisfaction with the medical professionals she can access through her plan. When walking became painful, she had a series of medical tests which led to a hip replacement. The $155,000 procedure only cost Vicki $60 out-of-pocket thanks to her Medicare Advantage plan. She says that her Medicare Advantage coverage provides her with a sense of security from unanticipated expenses, “We feel safe when we sleep at night.”

Senator Kelly’s staff thanked the group for sharing their personal experiences with Medicare Advantage, “We know a lot of people on Medicare Advantage plans are happy with them. I feel comfortable saying we wouldn’t want to do anything to put that in question.”

The CMC is grateful to the office of Senator Kelly for meeting with our Coalition members and for his support of Medicare Advantage.