Coalition Members Meet with Office of Senator-elect Vance

January 5, 2023

Two members of the Coalition for Medicare Choices (CMC) met with the State Director for Senator-elect J.D. Vance (R-OH) to share information about the benefits of Medicare Advantage and highlight the importance of the program for Ohioans.

Coalition member Carol started by thanking Senator-elect Vance’s State Director for meeting with Coalition members to hear their stories. She explained why she chose Medicare Advantage, noting that her monthly premium is extremely low and that she likes her benefits, such as prescription drug coverage and the preventive care services that give her peace of mind and make her day easier.

Senator-elect Vance’s State Director asked Carol if she had ever encountered surprise costs with Medicare Advantage. Carol responded that her plan offers care for a low price, sharing that she was covered when she had to get a test at an out-of-network facility.

Mark, a CMC advocate and Ward 1 City Council member, noted that more than 65% of the residents in his ward are age 65+ and could benefit from Medicare Advantage. Mark said that Medicare Advantage is becoming more popular among his ward residents and that he hopes enrollment will continue to climb. Mark also spoke to the importance of low health care costs for seniors and mentioned that the seniors in his ward would appreciate the affordability Medicare Advantage provides.

Senator-elect Vance’s State Director closed the meeting by thanking the constituents for meeting with him. He said he would convey their support and stories about Medicare Advantage to Senator-elect Vance.

The CMC is grateful to the office of Senator-elect Vance for meeting with our Coalition members.