Coalition Members Meet with Representative-elect Deluzio

January 5, 2023

Three members of the Coalition for Medicare Choices (CMC) met with Representative-elect Chris Deluzio (D-PA-17) to share their personal stories about the value of Medicare Advantage coverage for seniors and people with disabilities.

Coalition member Rich started the conversation by thanking everyone for taking the time to discuss Medicare Advantage because the program is valuable and important for seniors. He explained that Medicare Advantage coverage has been important for his quality of life because of the extensive benefits it provides as he ages. He added that the affordability of Medicare Advantage is critical for seniors on structured incomes, particularly former union members. As someone who represents former union members, Rich explained that he has seen the importance of Medicare Advantage for many people firsthand.

Tom, another Coalition member, added that the extensive coverage Medicare Advantage provides allows him to continue being there for his family. The benefits have kept him healthy because they improve his overall health, he said.

Coalition member Jerry shared that Medicare Advantage coverage is easy to use for seniors. He doesn’t find the plan options overly complicated, noting that even though the plans are simple to understand, he doesn’t lose out on benefits. Jerry said seniors have access to nearly every benefit they might want or need with Medicare Advantage.

Representative-elect Deluzio spoke about the importance of the Medicare Advantage program to him, noting that coverage for seniors and continued access to the program was a key component of his campaign. He said the program is a cornerstone in keeping older Pennsylvanians active, as the coverage allows them to maintain their health care and live life as they please. He shared that he plans to continue supporting Medicare Advantage and ensuring it remains accessible and affordable to Pennsylvanians.

The CMC is grateful to Representative-elect Deluzio for meeting with our Coalition members.