Coalition Members Meet with Representative-elect Nickel

January 5, 2023

Three members of the Coalition for Medicare Choices (CMC) participated in a virtual meeting with Representative-elect Wiley Nickel (D-NC-13) to share personal stories about the high-quality, affordable health care coverage they receive through Medicare Advantage.

CMC advocate Shanne shared that her sister was diagnosed with cancer, and Medicare Advantage has helped manage her care during a difficult time. Even while fighting cancer, Medicare Advantage has allowed Shanne’s sister to maintain her quality of life and receive affordable treatments.

Coalition member Mary shared that she and her husband joined Medicare Advantage several years ago and have enjoyed their benefits. She said the SilverSneakers classes are especially important in keeping her healthy. Many seniors she knows through the fitness classes feel they have prevented serious health conditions or injuries thanks to SilverSneakers. Telehealth benefits, Mary explained, have also been important for her because one of her providers is 3 hours away. Telehealth allows her to receive the care she needs from the comfort of home, while saving time and money.

Judith, another Coalition member, was diagnosed with breast cancer, and Medicare Advantage has been helpful with her treatment. When Judith had surgery and radiation treatment this year, she was able to see the best doctors for just $1,800 thanks to Medicare Advantage. Judith said her coverage has allowed her to fight cancer without worrying about medical bills, which has been a huge relief.

Representative-elect Nickel and the Coalition members also discussed the vision and dental benefits that Medicare Advantage beneficiaries receive. Representative-elect Nickel said he was happy to hear these benefits were included because vision and dental care become even more important as we age. Representative-elect Nickel thanked the participants for meeting with him and said he would like to stay in touch with the CMC as he begins working on the issue in Congress.

The CMC is grateful to Representative-elect Nickel for meeting with our Coalition members.