Coalition Members Meet with Representative-elect Scholten

January 5, 2023

Three members of the Coalition for Medicare Choices (CMC) recently met with Representative-elect Hillary Scholten (D-MI-03) in a virtual meeting to discuss the affordable, high-quality care and benefits of Medicare Advantage.

Coalition member Ron explained the importance of Medicare Advantage to him as a family caregiver. His mother was in hospice care before she passed away, and Ron was shocked to learn Medicare Advantage covered all of her medical costs. Ron also cared for his father and signed him up for Meals on Wheels food delivery, which was an additional Medicare Advantage benefit. Now that Ron has a Medicare Advantage plan himself, he is thrilled with the benefits and coverage, and there is nothing he would change about the program.

Anne, another Coalition member and former teacher, spoke about the importance of her Medicare Advantage dental and vision coverage. She also emphasized that mental health services have been a vital, low-cost benefit for her and other seniors.

Representative-elect Scholten asked how the coverage compared to Anne’s coverage as an educator. Anne replied that she has found her Medicare Advantage coverage to bring her the same, or even more, peace of mind.

Coalition member Frank also emphasized the value of dental and vision coverage, along with the preventive care options like wellness programs included in Medicare Advantage. When Representative-elect Scholten asked if there was anything Frank would change about Medicare Advantage he said, “it is a great plan, I wouldn’t mess with a good thing.”

Representative-elect Scholten thanked the Coalition members for sharing their stories and said it was great to hear directly from constituents about their experiences with the program.

The CMC is grateful to Representative-elect Scholten for meeting with our Coalition members.