Coalition Members Meet with Representative-elect Thanedar

January 5, 2023

Three members of the Coalition for Medicare Choices (CMC) met virtually with Representative-elect Shri Thanedar (D-MI-13) to discuss the high-quality, affordable coverage and extensive benefits Medicare Advantage provides for seniors.

Coalition member Theresa kicked off the meeting by sharing how excited she was for Representative-elect Thanedar to represent the district because she knows he will pay close attention to community needs.

Theresa told the group that her Medicare Advantage has many beneficial features, but most importantly, it provides access to affordable prescription delivery and transportation benefits, which original Medicare doesn’t cover. Theresa highlighted that her coverage is a gold standard, and she hopes that all seniors have the choice to enroll in Medicare Advantage.

Carolyn, another Coalition member, shared that the peace of mind Medicare Advantage brings is the best part about her coverage. The ease of care coordination and accessibility of services means she doesn’t have to worry about her health coverage. She echoed the appreciation for transportation benefits, which allow her to get out and get what she needs.

Coalition member Norene said she also appreciates her Medicare Advantage, sharing that the program’s high-quality care and readily available benefits meet all her needs. The other participants agreed with Norene’s sentiments about the wide range of benefits Medicare Advantage offers.

Representative-elect Thanedar thanked the Coalition members for meeting with him, explaining how helpful it is to hear their personal stories about the Medicare Advantage program.

The CMC is grateful to Representative-elect Thanedar for meeting with our Coalition members.