Coalition Members Meet with the Office of Senator-elect Fetterman

January 5, 2023

Five members of the Coalition for Medicare Choices (CMC) met with a representatives from the office of Senator-elect John Fetterman (D-PA) to discuss how Medicare Advantage delivers better services, access to care, and value to seniors and individuals with disabilities.

CMC advocate Chris kicked off the discussion by mentioning he and his wife, Kellie, are co-owners of Fogarty Insurance Advisors, which is a Medicare advisory company. He emphasized that the bulk of their client base has benefited from Medicare Advantage because it fits into their clients’ budgets and allows them to have more choice among medical providers. Chris said Medicare Advantage coverage allows seniors to be in control of their health care choices.

Kellie followed her husband’s remarks, sharing that she’s been working in the health insurance field for 17 years and that Medicare Advantage is a great choice for seniors. Kellie and Chris work to educate their clients so they understand their options and what benefits work best for them. She mentioned that Medicare Advantage coverage helps seniors feel safe.

Deb, another Coalition member, is a recent Medicare Advantage enrollee and retired insurance agent with 32 years of experience. In the last few months, she was diagnosed with a serious illness and explained that her Medicare Advantage coverage has provided benefits and services that help with her treatment. Deb said she is grateful the cost of care is one thing she doesn’t have to worry about thanks to Medicare Advantage.

Coalition member Kenneth retired in February 2021 and enrolled in Medicare Advantage. He shared he was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year, and without the access and affordability of his Medicare Advantage coverage, he doesn’t know how he would have afforded treatment as his bills would have been more than $70,000. Medicare Advantage allowed Kenneth to focus on getting better without dealing with the financial stress of payments, he said.

Mary, another Coalition member, spoke about her experiences with both original Medicare and Medicare Advantage. She shared that when she retired, she opted for original Medicare before doing research or talking with someone. Though she didn’t have premium payments with original Medicare, she said any time she and her husband received health care services, they received massive bills. Mary recalled having to pay around $500 out-of-pocket for an x-ray. After this, she and her husband agreed original Medicare was no longer adequate for them.

Mary learned about Medicare Advantage at a doctor’s appointment, and upon looking into it, she found a plan that met her needs. Medicare Advantage gives Mary and her husband peace of mind, she said, because they don’t have to choose between paying for health care or other necessities.

Senator-elect Fetterman’s staff thanked the Coalition members for sharing their stories and educating him about Medicare Advantage, noting that he appreciated their frankness and what the coverage means to them. He recognized the need for affordability and access and would make sure Senator-elect Fetterman is aware of the importance of Medicare Advantage.

The CMC is thankful to the office of Senator-elect Fetterman for meeting with our Coalition members.