Coalition Members Virtually Meet with Representative Doris Matsui’s Office

California members of the Coalition for Medicare Choices (CMC) recently met with staff from the office of Representative Doris Matsui (D-CA) to share how their Medicare Advantage coverage provides them with high-quality care that is affordable, and gives them peace of mind.

Coalition member Eric, who has type 1 diabetes and is also an amputee, described how his Medicare Advantage plan allows him to access a high level of care that he otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford. He shared how glad he was to keep the same doctors he has used for a number of years, describing how this consistency of care is very important to his health.

Eric’s comments were reinforced by his partner Joe, also a CMC member, who told the group that he manages their finances and that, “The security Eric and I gained from knowing Eric’s procedures were covered and that his annual out-of-pocket costs are capped was invaluable. Had Medicare Advantage not provided that coverage, Eric would have had to forgo care.”

CMC member Nancy shared how her Medicare Advantage coverage provides her with access to high quality care. “Some of my friends have Medicare Advantage, while others do not,” she noted. “I’ve noticed that those who do have Medicare Advantage receive much better care – the difference in quality between Medicare Advantage plans and non-Medicare Advantage plans is noticeable.”

Glenn, also a member of CMC, shared that he serves as full-time caretaker for his mother. He said it’s difficult, but the help and coverage she receives from Medicare Advantage helps. He also pointed out that being able to use telehealth to connect with her care team virtually, instead of transporting his mother to a doctor’s office, made a difficult situation more manageable. “There are so many benefits for seniors on Medicare Advantage,” he said. “They help not only the individual, but their family members. There’s nothing better than having peace of mind that care is accessible and affordable for a loved one.”

Coalition member Maureen discussed her own experiences caring for her mother. Maureen noted that initially, her mom was not on Medicare Advantage, but after experiencing high out-of-pocket costs and difficulties with doctor’s offices, Maureen recommended that her mom enroll in Medicare Advantage. Since making the switch, she noticed that the quality of care her mother receives is much better.

At the conclusion of the meeting, one staffer from Representative Matsui’s office shared that “the Congresswoman is quite aware that over 50% of seniors in her district use MA and how much it means to the community.”

The CMC is grateful to Representative Matsui’s office for meeting with our Coalition members.