Coalition Members Virtually Meet with Representative Kurt Schrader

June 17, 2021

4 members of the Coalition for Medicare Choices from Oregon recently met virtually with Representative Kurt Schrader to share how their Medicare Advantage plans have supported them before and during the COVID-19 crisis, and why it’s important for Americans 65+ and people with disabilities to have choices when it comes to their health coverage. 

Coalition members Jon and Karen shared that they chose Medicare Advantage because they were looking for a plan that bundled all their health care needs, including vision and dental, all under one plan. They also appreciated Medicare Advantage’s focus on preventative care and how it works to keep seniors healthier in the long run. 

Another coalition member Noel shared that he heavily researched health care plans prior to retirement and chose Medicare Advantage because it fit his health care needs best – he stressed the importance of individuals having choices when it comes to their health. Noel shared how he was in a serious accident and Medicare Advantage supported him every step of the way and made sure that he had everything he needed to recover. 

Coalition member Robin mentioned that he was about to turn 65 and was excited to enroll in Medicare Advantage because he had heard nothing but positive things from his friends who were enrolled in the program. When asked why he chose Medicare Advantage, Robin told the group that it was because he really likes the focus on preventative care, as well as the affordability of Medicare Advantage plans.

Coalition members also urged Representative Schrader to support the Ensuring Parity in MA and PACE for Audio-Only Telehealth Act (H.R. 2166), pointing to the number of Americans 65+, especially those who are low-income or live in rural areas who don’t have access to broadband and video technology.  

Representative Schrader told the group that he was happy that they are all receiving quality care through their Medicare Advantage plans, and that he would continue to support Medicare Advantage.  

The CMC is grateful to Representative Schrader for meeting with our Coalition members and for his support of Medicare Advantage.