Medicare Advantage: Delivering High-Quality Health Coverage and Peace of Mind

July 13, 2021

Medicare Advantage continues to deliver better services, better access to care, and better value to Americans 65+ and the most vulnerable Americans with disabilities.  More than 26 million Americans choose Medicare Advantage and an overwhelming 94% of enrollees are satisfied with their coverage.  

Our Coalition members shared their Medicare Advantage stories, demonstrating how their coverage delivers peace of mind and keeps them healthy year after year. 

Access to High-Quality and Affordable Health Care

Medicare Advantage delivers access to high-quality health care that Americans can afford. This puts a better quality of life within reach for millions of Americans 65+ and people with disabilities. For Coalition member Celia Mendoza, Medicare Advantage helped her receive bilateral knee surgery at a cost she could afford, which gave her the ability to maintain an active lifestyle. 

Medicare Advantage helped Coalition member Violeta Quintero access essential care when she needed it most. 

Coalition member Margaret Calvin especially appreciates the additional benefits she receives through her Medicare Advantage plan, including dental and vision coverage which are not included in traditional Medicare.

Delivering Peace of Mind During the COVID-19 Crisis

In addition to delivering high-quality, affordable health care, Medicare Advantage plans took decisive action to keep Americans 65+ and the most vulnerable Americans with disabilities safe and healthy during the COVID-19 crisis. For Coalition member Robert Cota, his Medicare Advantage plan delivered peace of mind during the pandemic by reaching out to reassure him that they are there to help. 

For Americans who contracted COVID-19 like Coalition member Betty Speed, Medicare Advantage was essential to treatment and recovery. Betty’s Medicare Advantage plan provided access to telehealth services so she could talk to her doctor from the safety of her own home. 

Overcoming Social and Economic Barriers to Good Health

Good health is determined by more than just access to stable health care. Medicare Advantage plans understand that non-medical factors like social and financial conditions impact a person’s health, and implement innovations to help members overcome these barriers. Coalition member Charlene Dais has  limited access to reliable transportation, her Medicare Advantage helps  secure transportation  to medical appointments and continued access to critical care.

Medicare Advantage plans understand that nutrition is also an important factor to good health. That’s why Medicare Advantage has stepped in to help Americans like Charlene and Herbert Love with home-delivered groceries.

These stories are just a few examples of the high quality  health care coverage that Medicare Advantage delivers. Stories like Celia, Violeta, Robert, Betty, Charlene, and the Loves are examples of why over 95% of Americans love their Medicare Advantage plans and would recommend it to friends and family. 

With the help of our members, the Coalition for Medicare Choices is dedicated to protecting and strengthening Medicare Advantage.

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