Our Medicare Advantage Plans Help Take The Stress Out Of Staying Healthy

I’m a retired nurse, but my work as a caregiver hasn’t ended.

It’s a blessing to be able to look after my mom in the twilight of her life. It’s also a daily challenge, as thousands of caregivers across Arizona can relate.

That’s why I’m glad both my mom and I have health care coverage through Medicare Advantage. Our plans help take the stress out of staying healthy. Prescription drugs are included, and so are basic health screenings and services like vision and dental care. It helps that our all-in-one Advantage plans save us quite a bit of money, too. My mom requires regular vision treatments in order to keep from going blind. The cost is $50 with Medicare Advantage, but would be $890 per treatment without her plan.

I urge our members of Congress to continue supporting Medicare Advantage. Seniors like my mom and I depend on it!

Karen Brosnan



Originally published in the Arizona Daily Independent