What They’re Saying: Protect Medicare Advantage

March 15, 2024

Medicare Advantage provides better services, better access to care, and better value to more than 33 million seniors and people with disabilities. Articles published across the nation tell stories about the value, affordability, and importance of Medicare Advantage and how policymakers must protect the program. Here is what they’re saying:

Senior Rich Kroeter shared with The Missouri Times how Medicare Advantage can bridge gaps in rural health care. “What sets Medicare Advantage apart is it supports diverse populations and ensures that there are no barriers to receiving quality health care. Whether you live in a big city, town, or a rural part of the state, you have access to comprehensive coverage and [an] array of supplemental benefits.” And Rich noted, “this translates to better health outcomes across the board and transforms the lives of seniors from all walks of life.”

Speaking to the affordability of Medicare Advantage in comparison to fee-for-service Medicare, Louisiana senior Melanie Evans shared her story with Cajun Conservatism. “When I initially retired, I enrolled in a fee-for-service Medicare plan. Unfortunately, I soon realized I couldn’t afford my essential prescription drugs and doctor’s appointments through this health plan,” she said. “That’s when I decided to try Medicare Advantage, and now I always feel confident that my health care costs will remain within my budget.” Melanie continued, saying, “I can finally afford the health services that enable me to feel healthy and embrace a fulfilled lifestyle. So, when I heard there could be cuts to the program, I was left speechless.”

Seniors Ken and Clarice Cox highlighted the affordability of Medicare Advantage and how the program has helped them, sharing their story with Penn Live. “For us, Medicare Advantage is more than just health insurance. With this plan, we know that our health and financial well-being are protected. The comprehensive coverage, from preventative care and prescription drugs to specialized treatment and recovery programs, has enabled us to focus on enjoying our lives, rather than worrying about the next health care bill.” Clarice said, “For Ken, he’s faced some unexpected health challenges in recent years, including a cancer diagnosis. This was scary and could have easily overwhelmed us, both emotionally and financially. But thanks to Medicare Advantage that was not the case.”

Senior Bobbie J. Skar discussed the significance of Medicare Advantage for seniors and people with disabilities with Yakima Herald-Republic. “Medicare Advantage goes above and beyond in promoting overall health and well-being. Bobbie concluded, As deliberations surround potential cuts and changes to Medicare Advantage, I ask congressional leaders to recognize the importance of preserving and fully funding health care.”

Senior Gloria Muniz from Tacoma, Washington, touched upon the importance of affordable monthly premiums, a cap on out-of-pocket costs, and the extensive supplemental benefits offered by Medicare Advantage, sharing with the Suburban Times, “many enrollees have comprehensive drug coverage, ensuring they can always access their essential prescriptions. Best of all, Medicare Advantage brings together all my doctors and specialists under one easy-to-navigate plan.”

A group of community and faith leaders in New York City echoed the importance of Medicare Advantage. Through a publication in PoliticsNY, they implored Washington officials to protect and strengthen Medicare Advantage for seniors and people with disabilities. “Medicare Advantage offers the services and care they need and offers them peace of mind with benefits that are tailored to meet their unique needs. These include vision, dental, and hearing care, prescription drug coverage, telehealth services, and other supplemental benefits.” The leaders noted that this is “especially important in communities where access to reliable health care has historically been a challenge, and how Medicare Advantage makes it possible.” Underscoring the program’s essential role in providing health care to those who need it most, the group concluded, “Medicare Advantage has made a tremendous impact on the lives of our congregants, and we hope you work to make sure it remains protected and strengthened by fully funding the program.”

These stories show the various ways in which Medicare Advantage delivers better services, better access to care, and better value to more than 33 million Americans nationwide.