What They’re Saying: Medicare Advantage Works for Seniors & People with Disabilities

June 3, 2022

Coalition for Medicare Choices (CMC) members across the country are telling their stories about the high-quality, affordable health care coverage that Medicare Advantage delivers. Because of Medicare Advantage, seniors and people with disabilities can access comprehensive benefits and services at a price they can afford.

CMC members have published opinion pieces in media outlets across the nation and shared their stories about the value and importance of Medicare Advantage. Here’s what they’re saying:

Maine Coalition member Ben highlighted the importance of SilverSneakers in a piece for the Ellsworth American saying, “At my local community center, I’ve been able to join Silver Sneakers, an exercise program put on daily for seniors that gets us up and moving. I have a lot of fun utilizing the facilities. Not only do they help me stay active, but they offer a nice opportunity to connect with other seniors in my community. Medicare Advantage is really a great program for aiding older individuals in putting their health care needs first and keeping up good habits that help all of us to avoid illness in the first place.

Writing to the Phoenix Business Journal Coalition member and State Representative Jennifer shared her story of how Medicare Advantage helped her recover from a near-fatal accident. “Without insurance, I wasn’t able to afford the continued medical care I required. Thankfully, I found Medicare Advantage. Enrolling made a life-changing difference both for my health and my family. Suddenly, I had access to the special equipment I needed at home to make my life easier, along with medications and complex care elements to stay healthy. None of it would have been possible without Medicare Advantage.

CMC Advocate Julio shared the importance of Medicare Advantage for underserved communities. He wrote to the Tampa Bay Times saying, “When living on a fixed or limited income, as most seniors are, every cost is important. That’s why Medicare Advantage is such an essential service for the millions of seniors who are enrolled — with the cap on out-of-pocket costs and the consistently low premiums, seniors don’t worry about the cost of their care. Especially with rising inflation, consistent affordability is more important than ever. Add to that the extensive benefits and services it provides, Medicare Advantage really does encapsulate the full package of quality health care.”

In a piece published by the Tallahassee Democrat Coalition Advocate Ernie shared his take on the value of Medicare Advantage. He said, “Medicare Advantage touches on the parts of health that can be easy to forget about. As we get older, it is more important than ever that we invest in preventative care, which quickly falls to the wayside for seniors for many unseen reasons. With Medicare Advantage, necessary reminders to attend screenings, receive vaccines, and enroll in wellness or gym classes are helping to create a healthier culture for retired individuals.

Robert, a Coalition member from California, told his personal story to the Downey Patriot. He explained, “In recent years, I have suffered from heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and cataracts. All these complications required surgeries and post-treatment care that I never could have afforded without my Medicare Advantage plan. I also have access to prescription medications that come with no out-of-pocket costs, and since the start of the pandemic, my plan has ensured the medications are delivered right to my door, giving me convenience and peace of mind. Thanks to Medicare Advantage I don’t have to worry about how I will afford the care I need, and I can get spend my retirement doing the things I love.

Mark, who is the executive director of Meals on Wheels South Florida, sent a letter to the Miami Herald. He said, “Medicare Advantage, a public-private partnership that brings good-quality healthcare to seniors, is truly changing lives. […] Medicare Advantage also offers many services seniors need to feel and stay healthy. The program focuses on both preventative and reactive health, a unique full-circle view of healthcare. Whether an individual needs integrated hearing, vision and dental screenings and care, mental health services, wellness programs and gym memberships, telehealth services, home delivered meals or companion care programs, Medicare Advantage really does have it all available to beneficiaries.

Coalition members’ stories are a testament to the many ways Medicare Advantage delivers better services, better access to care, and better value to more than 28 million Americans.