Letter: Beyond thankful for my Medicare Advantage coverage

January 30, 2023

Originally published in the Sun Sailor

Millions of people overcome their battles with cancer every year in America. It’s a wonderful thing that we have strong medical infrastructure and treatment options in this country. However – living as a cancer survivor brings on a whole new mental battle, and it’s important for us to take care of our physical and emotional health after treatment.

I am beyond thankful for my Medicare Advantage coverage as it delivers comprehensive, affordable and high-quality care. Whether I’m getting a yearly mammogram, MRIs or other preventative screenings, I never worry that the care I need is covered and economical. And the mental health services and offerings have been essential for me. These benefits not only provide me and my family with peace of mind but allow us to spend resources on the joys of life – not just medical bills.

I can focus on being my best, fullest self and can try out what programs work best for my needs thanks to Medicare Advantage.

I urge all eligible seniors and individuals with disabilities to enroll in Medicare Advantage to receive the care they deserve as they age.

Mary Jo Kukowski