Letter: Medicare Advantage Helps Me Stay Active and Healthy

March 31, 2023

Originally published in Senior Spectrum

Anyone reading this knows the importance of health. As we get older, our health is pretty much all we care about. It seems like it’s all we talk about!

In my 70s now, seeing my doctor annually helps me stay on top of health issues. I need an insurance policy that covers those annual visits. That is one of the many reasons why I love my Medicare Advantage plan, as it does just that.

Medicare Advantage is the choice of over 30 million seniors around the country who want access to high-quality and affordable health care. In Nevada, 245,000 of us choose these plans. My Medicare Advantage plan gives me the same great coverage as traditional Medicare along with added benefits that I need. I have access to telehealth services, expanded prescription drug coverage, and a limit to my out-of-pocket medical costs.

My plan gives me access to great doctors and specialists. Two years ago, I had surgery on my left ear to fix my deafness. It was a complete success. Even though the hospital was out of network, my plan covered the surgery.

Seniors across Nevada and the country continue to enjoy their Medicare Advantage plans. A recent survey found that 95 percent of seniors are happy with the value and choices that their Medicare Advantage plans provide. Additionally, 95 percent of voters agree that the government should continue to fully fund Medicare Advantage plans.

Sadly, it appears that Washington may be taking a different path. Politicians in Washington have recently proposed billions in cuts to Medicare Advantage for 2024. These cuts would make it more difficult for all seniors to access the care that our Medicare Advantage provides us. These cuts are not well received by American seniors, as a full 83 percent of senior voters have called the proposed cuts unacceptable.

Now is not the time to make health care more difficult for seniors. I am calling on Senators Rosen and Cortez Masto to stand up for Nevada seniors and reach out to the White House to oppose these cuts to help keep Nevadans healthy while saving taxpayers money!

Debe Fennell
Reno, NV